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September 29, 2020 by : Aleksandra Koscielak and Rosette Ramos

Bi-weekly Immigration Update- 29 Sep 2020

Updates on #biometrics, #citizenship knowledge testing, #hearings, #border updates, #spousal applications, and much more from CAPIC’s Aleksandra Koscielak and Rosette Ramos.

April 9, 2020 by : Jacques Boissinot

Hydro-Québec, New York Power Authority ink mutual assistance deal amid COVID-19 crisis

Hydro-Québec and the New York Power Authority have reached a co-operative agreement during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 8, 2020 by : Shelby Thevenot

Foreign workers in these 10 occupations can now be hired faster

Employers hiring foreign workers in 10 agriculture, food processing, and trucking occupations can now skip past a time-consuming step in the work permit process.

April 6, 2020 by : Rueben Walter

How To Spot a Fake Canadian Job Offer

There are people in Canada who are abusing the system and trying to take advantage of honest, hopeful immigrants searching for Canadian job offers