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Temporary Foreign Worker / Work Permit

Work permit provides authorization to work in Canada either in a job or employer-specific work permit, or a non-restricted work permit or what we call an open work permit. Usually, in order to be issued a work permit, a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment and a job offer is required, but there are also work permits that can be issued without the need of a job offer or an LMIA.

However, having a job offer and an approved LMIA does not guarantee the issuance of a work permit. There are several other factors that need to be considered as one’s establish in her country of residence and/or citizenship, qualification for the job, and on the balance of probabilities, that the applicant will depart Canada at the end of authorized stay.

Love Canada Immigration Consultancy can help you prepare a perfected application to maximize your probability of getting a work permit and help pave the way to a dream of working in Canada. Once this is achieved, there are several options available to apply to become a Permanent Resident, and later on a Canadian Citizen.

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Spousal Work Permit and Dependent Child Work or Study Permit

If you are a Temporary Foreign Worker working in a Skilled Occupation (TEER 0, 1, 2), you may be eligible to support the application of your spouse to come to Canada on an Open Work Permit, and your dependent children to come as a student. This program helps families reunite faster while waiting for their application for Permanent Resident.

Allow Love Canada Immigration Consultancy to be your guide and partner in this process.

International Student Study Permit

Studying in Canada can be a rewarding experience. Canada welcomes thousands of international students each year from kindergarten to graduate degrees. Some people come to Canada to learn English or French language, and others to learn in a highly multi-cultural environment. International students fuel innovation and fill labour market shortage.

In return, Canada gives these students a high quality of education and exposure to Canadian Culture. Having a Canadian educational degree can open several avenues to one’s career. Not only that, finishing a degree in Canada may also lead to permanent residency as International students have the important attributes Canada is looking for in an immigrant. While studying in Canada, depending on the school and the program of study, an international student may be allowed to work in Canada while studying. Further, international students who are married and have dependent children may also be accompanied by the spouse and children in Canada; spouses will be authorized to work and dependent children will be authorized to stay or study in Canada.

Extension of Stay in Canada

If you are already in Canada and would like to either extend, change your condition of stay or restore your status in Canada either as a worker, student, or visitor, we can assist in the process. This may seem to a simple task, but a lot of times it is more complex than it seems to be. If you are not sure about what to do and how to do it effectively, you may come to us for initial consultation and application processing assistance.

Re-Entry Visa

If you are a temporary resident in Canada and would like to travel outside Canada with the plan of coming back to Canada, it is best to apply for a visa to re-enter Canada before you go, unless you are not eligible for this program. While it is true that one can also apply for a visa to Canada in their country of citizenship or current residence, it is always best practice that this be done before travelling. Love Canada Immigration Consultancy can assist you in this process and see what is best plan of action depending on your situation.

International Experience Canada

The mission of IEC is to foster close bilateral relations between Canada and other countries through cultural exchanges that give participants a mutual understanding of the other culture through a travel, life and work experience abroad.

Foreign nationals between the ages of 18 and 35 can benefit from the IEC program if they are citizens of a country that participates in the IEC program or by using a recognized organization.

The three categories in this program include:

Working Holiday – for applicants whose intention is to travel and work in Canada to supplement their financial resources. This does not require a job offer and this allows you flexibility in working for different employers in different locations in Canada.

International Co-op (Internship) Placement – for applicants who are registered post-secondary students in their home country and whose intention is to fulfill part of their academic curriculum in Canada by completing a pre-arranged work placement that is related to their field of study.

Young Professionals – for applicants whose intention is to gain work experience in Canada under a pre-arranged contract of employment in support of their career development.

Contact Love Canada Immigration Consultancy to see if you may qualify for this program.