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Love Canada Immigration Consultancy is a Canadian Immigration Consultancy with over a decade of experience which served hundreds of families and individuals already making Canada their new home. Canada is a very family-oriented, culturally sensitive, very progressive country that offers the best in everything. To many, being able to live in Canada is like a dream come true. For my family, it truly is!

We want you to be one of the successful ones who will achieve their Canadian dream, therefore, let us help you with one of the most important decisions of your life.
Furthermore, our satisfied clients can testify to our professional yet personalized service. As a result, has provided us with our best marketing strategy – word of mouth and has allowed us to deliver better services without any gimmicky campaigns. Consequently, our clients come from all walks of life, with different professional backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and are based on all continents in the world.

To know what options are available, chat with us and we will help you explore the opportunities that await.

Apply for Permanent Resident

Canada welcomes thousands of new immigrants every year

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For Employers

We assist employers who are in need of foreign workers to address their temporary staffing needs

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Sponsor Your Family

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor an eligible family member

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in Canada

Enter Canada as a temporary foreign worker or as an international student

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Rosette B. Ramos, MBA
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant – IRB
Commissioner for Oaths for Alberta

Choosing the right representative is serious business. We are committed to serve and assist in whatever appropriate way we can to help you achieve your goal.


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Licensed Employment Agency in Canada


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What Our Clients Say

Junalyn Polo

I would like to say THANK YOU very much to MS. ROSETTE RAMOS for helping me all the way. I am extremely satisfied with services you’ve given to me from LMIA, WORK PERMIT and extensions, and PERMANENT RESIDENCY. I sincerely appreciate your dedication in helping others.

To all Filipinos out there who are seeking help to process your paper works, come and visit the office.

Thank you so much to all staff Ms. Agot, Ms. Lynn, Ms. Elvie.



Forever thankful with Ms Rosette and her staffs for assisting me and my son to be with my husband in Canada. Highly recommended for Immigration applications.

Lyndon Pajanustan

Very accommodating and was very honest with regards to the situation but didn’t hesitate to help us on processing our papers.

I’m going to recommend this to my fellow Filipino friends!

Calogero Tirone

Words cannot express our gratitude to “Love Canada” immigration consulting. Rosette Ramos was great, a truly excellent professional. To Rosette — Thank you so much for your help with processing my wife Canadian permanent residency, as you made this process headache-free, easy, and fast. Your support and prompt attention to every single step was extraordinary, alongside your priceless friendship and care.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again.

— Calogero “Lillo” and Marlene Tirone

Yan Dungca

Me and my employer had a dilemma applying for a new LMIA as we tried in vain ànd failed ….until we met Ms. Rosette Ramos of Love Canada Immigration Consultancy who enlightened and guide us with every necessary step and detail of the process. She successfully acquired what we thought was a lost hope… and we confidently decided to gather her services for my WP and PR applications as well. Again, she did a great job when both applications were approved! (PR- May 2016) To my employers delight, we recently hosted a party to thank Ms Rosette for her help, excellent performance & accomplishment.

Thank you Love Canada Immigration Consultancy for bridging my dreams ….and thank you Ms. Rosette on helping me to continue and pursue my lifes’ goal.!

Lemuel M

We will be forever grateful to Ms. Rosette Ramos for taking care of my paperworks. I love her personalized approach and very impressed with her keen explanations as to what is happening on the immigration processes. It is really evident that this is her expertise. As a matter of fact, I referred her to my friends (yes, a lot of them!) and they are now all here and got their permanent residency.


Rhea Rivera

Ms Rosette and her team in helping me process my work permit. I found Love Canada to be very truthful and not afraid to tell me when certain things could have gone wrong. They provided me moral support during delays and time of uncertainty; this was very important for me. Her recommendations had always made sense, no questions or concerns has been unanswered. I truly appreciate all huge efforts she put in for my case.

Mechelle Magar

I would like to show my gratitude to LOVE CANADA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY for helping us with my husband spousal visa application. We applied for 3 times already but has been denied for 3 times as well. Only then my friend referred me to Ms. Rosette Ramos for another attempt to apply again for his Work Permit. LOVE IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY collected all my documents and start processing the application. We’re very much satisfied the way she answered all the denials from the immigrations. And now, his done with the medical and were just waiting for his visa release. Hoping that everything will be alright.

Once again, thank you for helping us in fixing and organizing all our requirements.

Andre Chavez

I’m  thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Love Canada Immigration Consultancy. Thanks to their expert guidance and support, I have been granted a 2-year working visa for Canada. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive throughout the entire application process. I was kept well-informed at every step, which eased my anxiety about the complex visa procedure. I highly recommend Love Canada Immigration Consultancy to anyone seeking assistance with their visa applications. They truly made my Canadian dream a reality.


Mimi Nieto

They’re all friendly and have the guts to help. I am so thankful for all your efforts regarding my sponsorship..thank you love canada and godbless.!!

Kessel Ann Lozano

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the people behind the success of my Permanent Residency. To Ms. Rosette Ramos and all the staff of Love Canada Immigration Consultancy, thank you for the help, patience and guidance since day one. You’ve contributed so much for our family. Your support and prompt attention on me in every single step was extraordinary. You know, words can’t express how thankful I am to all of you. I highly commend your good service to everyone especially those who wanted to achieve their Canadian dream. To my family, friends and relatives, thank you so much for all your prayers and support along the way. Above all, thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me and my family. You never failed to amaze me. You make impossible things possible.

To all the people who are reading this post, I highly recommend Ms. Rosette Ramos, consultant of Love Canada Immigration Consultancy to make your Canadian dream come true.

Claudia Medina

Rosette was thorough in her work. She never missed any information and paid attention to detail. We were able to succeed in our goal of getting a PR status for my husband. Definitely a must when seeking immigration needs. You wont go wrong!

Thank you Rosette, means a lot to us for everything you have done.


We will be forever grateful to Rosette Ramos for providing us with the comfort we needed. Not once did she make us feel like she couldn’t give us the time to answer our questions. Immigration can be a difficult process but having the support of a good and skilled immigration consultant can make the process much smoother. Don’t hesitate one bit to get their service, you will not be disappointed.

Booh Simon

I juz got my extension approved…3rd in a row !!!! Next will be my sponsorship!
LCIC has handled my family’s documentation and processing. Divorce, TRV extensions, LMIA, work permits and PR. Not once were we ever denied because Ms. Rosette has always been thorough, honest, direct and realistic. She always told us what to expect and gave us different scenarios that may happen. She always had a contingency plan if in case we were denied… thank God that never happened. She made sure that everything was ready before she proceeded to the next step. Her team made reminder calls and made follow-ups. LCIC drafted payment calendars that made it easier for us.

LCIC has 3 unwaivering requirements: be honest, be open and be trustworthy.


Carol De Guzman

I am forever grateful to Ms. Rosette of Love Canada Immigration Consultancy who have personally exerted precious effort to ensure that my stay in Canada be legalized. I cannot thank her enough for focusing on my case that had some issues that put me and my family’s future in a balance. I have not only obtained a permanent residency but also gained a real friend.

Thank you very much Ms.Rosette for all the support and kindness you’ve given to me and my family.

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