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Citizenship Application

Do you want to become a Canadian citizen? Do you want to be a holder of a passport that has one of the least travel restrictions in the world? Do come to us for assessment and we will help you check if you are now qualified to apply for Canadian Citizenship. After a thorough assessment, we may be able to assist you in the entire application process from supporting document preparation, application processing, preparation for the citizenship test, and up to the time of getting your schedule of Citizenship Oath Taking.

Apply to become a Canadian Citizen now. Love Canada Immigration Consultancy is here to assist.

Proof of Canadian Citizenship

If you are born outside Canada to a Canadian parent, you may already be a Canadian Citizen. In order to travel to Canada, you will need proof of Canadian citizenship. We can assist you in securing this document.

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Is your permanent resident visa expiring soon or had already expired? Applying for a permanent resident card is not just a “card” application per se. Submitting this application also means that you want Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to check whether you are eligible to be renewed a permanent resident card and that your permanent resident status is not in question.

If you are inside or outside Canada with an expired permanent resident card Love Canada Immigration Consultancy can help.