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Enter Canada as a Visitor

Temporary Resident Visa

We assist in the processing of multiple-entry temporary resident visa to Canada. Whether you are coming to Canada to visit your family or relatives, to attend a seminar or convention, to look for ways to grow your business or to invest in Canada, or for other business purposes, or to enter as part of a performing group, or to just visit the country, we can assist in the process. Once your application is approved, you may be allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months or longer each time you visit.

Electronic Travel Authorization

If you are a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to enter Canada and is not an exempt national for an eTA, we may assist in applying for an eTA as well.

Super Visa

If you want to visit your children and grandchildren in Canada and stay for an extended period of time, we can assist in the processing of a Super Visa. Super visa can initially authorize you to stay in Canada for at least 1 to 2 years without the need to apply to extend your stay, and may be given up to 10 years of multiple entry visa. We can assists in the entire process and make it the application as smooth as possible for you.

Organ Donor Visa Canada

In addition to sightseeing and tourism, visitors can enter Canada for noble and heroic efforts such as organ donation to those in need. Foreigners can enter Canada for the purpose of donating a potentially lifesaving organ to a Canadian resident in need of medical assistance. Although this visa does not entitle applicants to work in Canada, it does allow them to travel anywhere throughout Canada to visit family and friends and to see and experience Canada’s many attractions. They may also meet prospective employers, check schools for potentially pursuing further studies, and explore options for extending their stay in Canada.