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Labour Market Impact Assessment

Are you having trouble finding and keeping the right worker for your business? Love Canada Immigration Consultancy is also a licensed recruitment agency in Canada. We have the means, resources and expertise to help you find and process your workers to come to Canada. We assist in the process of applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), and in applying for your workers’ work permit and permanent resident application.

We do all kinds of LMIA applications including hiring a caregiver, a skilled worker, a labourer, a farmworker, a support worker, or any position that your company requires. We conduct assessment of the employer’s eligibility for the program first and then provide advice on the process and requirements of the program.

By getting our service, business owners and their managers can focus their time and energy on their business, while we ensure that you have the workforce that you need to realize your company’s vision.

The program does not only apply to employers who own and operate a business. Individual persons may also become an employer to hire caregivers or home support workers. Love Canada Immigration Consultancy may help you find trustworthy caregivers who can help take care of your loved ones.

Intra-Company Transferees

The intra-company category was created to permit international companies who have a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate company in Canada to transfer qualified employees to Canada. This can be done if the purpose of doing so is to improve management effectiveness, expand Canadian exports, and enhance the competitiveness of Canadian entities in overseas markets. Positions that may quality include Executive, Senior Managerial, or Specialized Knowledge capacity.
Qualified intra-company transferees require work permits, but are LMIA exempt as they provide significant economic benefit to Canada through the transfer of their expertise to Canadian businesses.

If your company is planning to take advantage of this program, contact us at Love Canada Immigration Consultancy.