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Humanitarian and Compassionate Application

Sometimes there are situations that may arise which prevents an application for a permanent resident to be approved. When you are out of options and your situation merits consideration, then this application may be for you. This allows some level of flexibility to approve deserving cases not covered by the legislation or those who are inadmissible or who do not meet the requirements of the Act or Regulation. This discretionary tool is intended to uphold Canada’s humanitarian tradition. A humanitarian and compassionate assessment considers circumstances and/or factors that may be sufficiently compelling to allow for an exemption on some requirements.

Factors that may be considered in the assessment include, but are not limited to the following: establishment in Canada, inability to leave Canada that has led to the establishment, ties to Canada, best interests of any children, health considerations, family violence considerations, consequences of separation from a relative, factors in the country of origin, or any other factors.

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Family-based humanitarian program for Colombians, Haitians and Venezuelans

Temporary Resident Permit

Persons who do not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or those who are found inadmissible, but have a valid reason to enter or stay in Canada as is justifiable in personal circumstances, may be able to apply for a temporary resident permit. Assessment will be based on the compelling reasons to grant the permit, which is sufficient to overcome the risk to Canadians and Canadian society. The issuance of a temporary resident permit is discretionary based on the assessment of the Immigration officer. The beauty of this program is that it can also lead to permanent residency.

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Follow Up and Further Submission – Assistance on Application That is Already on Process

Had you been waiting for a long time now, and the processing time of your application is already beyond the average processing time? Are you worried about your application and do not know how to respond to letters received from IRCC? Had your application become unnecessarily complicated and you are at a loss as to what to do? Sometimes the application process can be frustrating, especially if you were not fully guided on the process.

Contact Love Canada Immigration Consultancy so we can help you determine the status of your application and assist you towards the completion of your application.

Other Immigration Concerns

Are you not sure of what Immigration program is best for you?

Are you having problems overcoming Inadmissibility such as criminal or medical inadmissibility?

Did you violate any of the Provisions of the Canadian Immigration Law?

Are you having problems securing documentation for your application?

And for all other concerns, call Love Canada Immigration Consultancy

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