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Tips To Tackle The Impact Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Canada has temporarily closed its visa application centres across China and cancelled appointments in the wake of the new coronavirus outbreak. Many applicants have received additional documents including police certificates, biometrics, passports, medical examinations and any documents. If there is any difficulty caused by this outbreak, do not panic! First of all, CIC has offered 90 days to respond the request, if the deadline could not be met, processing officers should bring forward the application and allow an additional 90 days for the applicant to respond.

If you still could not meet the deadline you could contact the office by email to request extension of the deadline, one of my friends who has sponsored her parents, due to this situation, she issued extension application and got granted additional 90 days extension. The key thing is this request would be granted, please make sure to request for the extension in advance, do not apply for extension after the deadline.